Uploading Documents and Timesheets

Information on how to use Accounting-Pro's contractor Portal
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Uploading Documents and Timesheets

Post by admin » Mon Feb 18, 2019 4:51 pm

Submitting timesheets, payslips, new details and expenses is simple in the new portal.

just click the + next to "Document Upload" and fill in the details of the document you are uploading including any extra information that you think we will need to expedite matters.

That will create a ticket which you can upload multiple documents to. For instance you may want to upload new details, a payslip and a timesheet at the same time for a single month. Just attach them to the ticket as required and they will appear on our system. It will be assigned to a member of staff at Accounting-Pro and you can see when it has been approved because the button will have moved from "No" to "Yes".

If we need any information or you have any more to give us then please leave them in the comments